Light gauge steel structure with fiber cement boards cladding and lightweight aerated concrete insulation

Our construction company ECOLIT LLC can build residential, commercial and industrial projects from scratch using Light Gauge Steel framing system with lightweight concrete insulation. You will enjoy a speed of construction and the final quality of your building.

Solid building system

The main components for such fast track construction are:

- Structural light gauge steel.

The galvanized strip steel, from which the light steel framing is formed, is usually designated as either grade S280GD or grade S350GD. These designations indicate the yield strength (280 or 350 N/mm2) and that the material is galvanized with a minimum G275 coating. Cold formed steel sections are usually rolled from galvanized sheet steel that is typically 0.9 to 3.2 mm thick. The normal thickness of zinc coating (275g/mm2) has excellent durability for internal applications. Heavier coating are available for more aggressive external environments.

- Floor / roof  decking sheets.

Metal decking sheet usually has a ribbed or corrugated profile that is achieved through a process called roll forming. Above it we usually using lightweight concrete floor screed or roof insulation.

- High density fiber cement boards.

Heavy duty fibre cement board is a superior quality fibre cement product. The name itself implies that the board is specially designed for heavy duty applications. Its load bearing capacity and strength is intended for places where the walls are in frequent contact with moisture and is a higher strength version. It has been specially made to stand in tough conditions and yet keep performing.

- Non-autoclaved lightweight aerated concrete.

Non autoclaved lightweight aerated concrete is a type of lightweight concrete which is used to produce blocks and replace bricks. NAAC is lighter then conventional concrete. It is formed by using portland cement, fly ash, limestone, aluminum powder and water. Aerated concrete has a good strength, durability, good thermal and sound insulation. Dry density of this material ranging between 600 kg/m3 to 1600 kg/m3. Non autoclaved lightweight concrete blocks can be used for housing and commercial purposes. 

You can finish 500 m2 build up area house from A to Z in 5 months time.




We integrated structural light gauge steel with lightweight aerated concrete and different types of cladding materials  (lightweight concrete panels, fiber cement boards, calcium  silicate boards) to reduce construction time and cost.

1. Foundation for the building is made in accordance with type of building and loads its capacity.

2. Light gauge galvanized steel structure is mounted on the prepared foundation.

3. Arrangement of the service lines: electrical, water lines and sewage pipe. Fixing of the ventilation system.

4. Heavy combined fiber cement boards serves as permanent cast formwork inside and outside of the wall.

5. Dry mixture of Pioner compound is mixed with water in special electrical mixer. And then poured between the installed boards, completely filling the space.

Light gauge steel framing construction system