Translucent stretch ceiling with backlit LED supply with installation

Translucent stretch ceiling with backlight is a custom made and can be done in different shapes and sizes. Backlight can be 3000K, 4000K, 6500K, RGBW or tunable white 3000 - 6500K. We can make it regular ON / OFF or DIMMABLE to change brightness

In 1 square meter of ceiling is 19600 Lm of light. Light transmission rate for translucent stretch ceiling membrane is 42%. So on the average the light output is 8300 LUX per square meter (depends on the ceiling height)


It can be recessed in gypsum ceiling, for this you need to provide bulkhead shape gypsum ceiling with minimum depth 100 mm

Translucent stretch ceiling with back LED light

Here you can watch detailed video for translucent stretch ceiling installation

It can be hanging from your existing ceiling. We have light box profile with 120 mm height so we can make a light box with stretch ceiling membrane

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Our stretch ceilings are made of high quality PVC foil. Stretch ceiling plan is a drawing to scale, showing a view downward from above. When drawing a stretch ceiling plan it is very important to mark as a description, if it is a ceiling or wall.

The membranes will be connected together by factory welds to achieve the approximate size. Installation is achieved by fixing a special aluminum (or PVC) profile around the room, then heating and stretching the film and finally inserting the ceiling harpoon into the profile’s locking channel. The cooling film will shrink to provide a perfect ceiling.

First, the ceiling is heated up to 50-60 degrees Celsius and will become very elastic and easy to install. When the ceiling is installed and the temperature cools down, the ceiling will become very tight and as a result you will have perfectly smooth surface of the ceiling.

Quick, clean, well-finished installation, installation possible without interrupting activity.

Our stretch ceilings are available in wide range of colors and textures. Finishes are Matte, Satin, Lacquer, Translucent, Metallic, Perforated and textile. All textures are suitable for image printing at our factory. Special orders are possible. Our stretch ceilings are incredibly light. With a weight of just 240 grams per one square meter they are lighter than any other type of ceiling available and, therefore, they minimize the load on the building’s structure. Due to their low weight, they do not cause injury in the event of earthquakes or other natural disasters.

Our stretch ceilings are manufacturing processes have been subjected to a demanding test program by European Union Certification Agency. We met the stringent requirements of the agency and was awarded the coveted CE certificate. CE certificate demonstrates that all our ceilings are environmentally friendly and safe for humans. The certificate also permits our ceilings to be used for the most sensitive of installations such as in schools and hospitals. Our stretch ceilings are labeled with emission class A+ and are tested with ISO 16000.

All our stretch ceilings are fire rated B-s1d0 and B-s2do which considers 3 different aspects during fire for classifying the material: no heat, no smoke and no dripping. They are also UL and ULC certified.

The dimensional stability of an installed stretch ceilings is between -15 to +45 Celsius. The melting point of PVC stretch ceiling varies in range between 150 – 190 degrees Celsius.

Stretch ceiling are safe to use in rooms with high humidity because stretch ceilings are moisture-resistant, by nature does not develop moulds or fungi, protected against the spread of micro-organisms and do not show bacterial growth. Under the influence of moisture stretch ceilings dimensions do not change. It has resistance to salt and chlorine water.

Stretch ceilings are durable, 1 m2 can hold about 150 kg. It is UV resistant as well. We give 10-year warranty from the date of manufacturing for: the seam welds and joints-welds, harpoon and material.

Thanks for its structure acoustic ceilings are ideal to improve acoustics of the room and also reduce distracting noises. Due to the additional insulation layer made from suitable porous absorbent material and also by varying the distance from the original ceiling you can significantly improve noise absorbing characteristics of the room. Create a softer atmosphere due to the air lock in the plenum between the stretch ceiling and the basic ceiling.

Under the stretch ceiling you can easily hide all wires, ventilation systems etc. Stretch ceiling can be dismantled easily and it takes only a few minutes. Easy access to the behind of the ceiling. Necessary maintenance holes and hatches can be installed on the surface of the ceiling. In case of water damage from above it is easy to open and reinstall. Easy and quick addition of new lighting or technical equipment.

Stretch ceilings should be ordered simultaneously, as there can be tone difference of various film lots. If there will be a time gap between the orders production might use another stretch ceilings material roll for the order. Multiple ceilings in the same room must be ordered together.

Advantages: cadmium-free, hygienic, fungicidal, serializable, insensitive to radiation, insensitive to condensation, impermeable to water, shape and tension-retentive molecules (absorb ball impacts, water damage), seams guaranteed 10 years, impermeable to fibers, impermeable to dust, return to their initial shape after distortion, non-toxic, robust, allow disassembly and reassembly as required, washable, recyclable.