Tiny house with light gauge steel frame step by step

Light gauge steel frame for tiny house

In the video you can watch tiny house assembling step by step. For structure we did use light gauge steel frame so the first step you have to do is to find the nearest LGS frame supplier. Here you can find LGS suppliers in United Arab Emirates.

When you did order the frame and bring it to the site follow the steps. We did it in the next sequence:

1. Unloaded the metal structure framework;

2. Assembly of the main module complete;

3. Consolidation of the main module done;

4. The first extensible walls are integrated;

5. Integration of extensible walls are fully complete;

6. The metal structure is almost complete;

7. Installed the roof on the metal framework;

8. Covered the interior with plywood;

9. Insulated with hemp and covered with eco-plywood;

10. Added the windows and doors;

11. Painted the exterior of the building.

Watch the video and if you have any questions do not hesitate to contact us.