Partition wall system with lightweight aerated concrete infill "PIONER"

dry wall partitions with lightweight concrete infill


Drywall partition 100 mm thick with 9mm Calcium Silicate Board Facing on both sides and Light Weight Non Autoclave Aerated Concrete Infill. 

This interior wall system consists of:

1. Steel structureStud S83, 0.7mm thick, galvanized and Track T92, 0.7mm thick, galvanized

2. Calcium silicate board 100% non-asbestos having minimum stated density of 1200 kg/m3 and thickness 9mm

3. Lightweight aerated concrete (cellular concrete, lightweight concrete, gasbeton) PIONER. How to cast the lightweight concrete directly in situ you can find out watching this video:

Just do the following steps:

a) Install the steel structure. 

b) Assemble calcium silicale (or fiber cement) boards from both sides. 

c) Finish your electrical works and pour the lightweight concrete inside of your partition wall. 

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Lightweight concrete spreads out inside of the wall and becomes dry and solid. There are no empty spaces inside of walls because when aerated concrete spreads out it has some pressure and fills all gaps. 

Lightweight cellular concrete or lightweight aerated concrete has a very good adhesion with calcium silicate or fiber cement boards and over time the system (monolithic construction) is becoming stronger and stronger.

This technology is faster and cheaper than conventional (aac blocks partitions). You can save your time and money.

The system approved by Dubai Municipality and UAE Civil Defence.

Our specialist can adapt your project to PIONER technology