Lightweight concrete floor screed and flat roof

Lightweight concrete floor screed supply and apply

Lightweight aerated concrete screed

To reduce dead load on building structure you can use lightweight concrete floor screed. This material has excellent thermal and acoustic insulation. For the floor screed you can use 500 - 600 kg/m3 density. This density can provide you good compressive strength which is enough for tiles and marble. 

For instance: if you have floor screed project with area 1 000 sq.m. with average thickness 10 cm. It is 100 cub.m. Density of conventional floor screed is approximately 2 400 kg/cub.m and it means that for your project you need 240 tons of material. Lightweight concrete screed weight only 60 tons.

Price from 44 AED/ m2 (10 cm thickness)

Density (500-1200) kg/m3

Compressive strength (2.0 - 8.0) MPa

Thermal conductivity (0.11 – 0.14) W/mK

Impact sound index in Pioner system is 59 dB

You can purchase dry mix for non autoclaved lightweight aerated concrete (in 50kg paper bags) and mixer with pump in our company. To get a quotation faster just send us request via 


Specification and Advantages:

*Light weight. It’s 3-5 times lighter than common heavy concrete.

*Durability. Cellular (aerated) concrete Pioner is a durable material and only improves own technical characteristics during the time.

*Thermo insulation. Due to porous structure and equal cell sizes Pioner aerated concrete has excellent thermal insulation indicators.

*Acoustic proofing – Cellular (aerated) concrete Pioner has high acoustic insulation characteristics.

*Eco- friendliness. Cellular (aerated) concrete consists of natural material only, same as all elements of system.

*Fire resistant. Cellular (aerated) concrete provides full fire resistance.

floor screed floor screed

1. Metal profiles or aerated autoclave panels to make leveling

2. Service lines (water pipes)

3. Concrete base (overlap)

4. Lightweight concrete (cellular concrete)

5. Damper tape

6. Tile glue

7. Tiles

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