Cellular Concrete

Lightweight aerated concrete.JPG

You can use lightweight concrete "PIONER" for:

1. As a filler for internal or exterior walls (partitions). In this case you can use light gauge steel (LGS) for framing, fiber cement boards (autoclave aerated concrete panels, calcium silicate boards) for cladding and you can fill cellular concrete inside of walls as an insulation material. You fill it as a liquid and it expands in 2,5 times. For walls it is better to use density  500 kg/ cub.m. Thermal conductivity in this case will be 0.11W/(m*k).

2. As a raw material for manufacturing of non-autoclaved cellular concrete blocks. To produce it you need to have special equipments such as: cutting machine, mixers and molds. Standard dimensions of such kind of blocks: length 600 mm, height 300 mm, width from 100 mm up to 400 mm. These blocks are very good replacement for hollow blocks (normal concrete blocks). You can reduce the cost of energy consumption in the future. We can help you to buy equipment.

3. As a lightweight concrete material for floor screed and for the roof. You can find more details about it here Floor Screed  and here Finished projects


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