Stretch ceiling Dubai

Stretch ceiling for lighting solution

Stretch ceilings for different complexity projects:

✔ Different designs, seamless up to 5.2 meters width and 100 meters length.

✔ No cracks, no changing color, no bending.

✔ Warranty 10 years, 1-2 days installation.

Black or white matt, glossy or mirror with / without chandelier, with fiber optic stars or LED strip backlit and others

❖ Simple installation, Less Weight, Easy to clean

❖ Good for Renovation as the installation process is dust free and very quick

❖ Hides the defect in ceiling and plastering, Good way to hide wires/piping

❖ Built in Lighting solution

❖ Any shape and size, customizable

❖ Durability (10 – 20 years)

❖ Water Resistant

❖ Hygienic – Doesn’t Attract Smell, Fungus, etc.

❖ Waterproof and Zero Condensation, Suits High Humid Atmosphere

❖ Dismantle and Reinstall

❖ Aesthetic, Decorative, Visually Expands Room giving Room Majesty

❖ Tunable lighting solutions (Color Temperature from 2000 to 10000 Kelvin)

❖ Noise Isolation

❖ Heat Insulation

❖ Fire Retardant