Lightweight concrete technology

Cellular lightweight concrete foam generator and mixer in one unit

If you are making foamed concrete for commercial contracts you will need to use a foam generator to make the foam. Using a purpose designed foam generator will ensure that you can make foam with a consistent quality at a consistent rate. This in turn helps to ensure that the physical properties of your foamed concrete will be consistent across batches and that you can be confident that your foamed concrete will do its job. It is also important to use a foam generator with a high output of foam so that you can make your foamed concrete quickly and avoid time delays on-site.

ECOLIT foam generator have been designed especially for making foam for cellular concrete and for operating in conditions typically found on building and construction sites.




Stationary purpose

Production of block, slabs, textured formwork

Mobile purpose

Thermal insulation of the floors, walls, roofs, attic, floor screed, backfilling


3 m3/h

Transporting the mixture to the place of laying


up to 10 meters


up to 100 meters

Mixer working reservoir capacity.

0,5 m3

Unloading hopper capacity

0,7 m3

Foam generator working air pressure.

8.0 atm

Power consumption kW/h 380/220

3 kW/h

Unloaded weight, kg.

450 kg

Line dimensions

2000*1400*1400 mm