How to install stretch ceiling

Translucent stretch ceiling with backlit

To make a translucent stretch ceiling with backlit first thing you need to start with is a bulkhead gypsum or MDF box. It should have a depth at least 10 centimeters (the distance between LED lights and stretch ceiling membrane). You should make a nice finishing with white paint inside the box to avoid the light shadow.

Next step is LED light spacing. If the depth is 10 cm you can make a distance between LED lights 8 cm. We prefer to use LED strip lights 60 led/meter, 10W/meter. On the average in 1 square meter of ceiling is 14 linear meter of LED lights.

Depending on your project design you can use different light temperatures: 3000 Kelvin (warm light), 4000 Kelvin (neutral light), 6500 Kelvin (cold light). Transformers (drivers) can be for regular on / off backlit or dimmable DALI or 0 – 10V to change brightness.

Next step is profile to stretch the ceiling. There are different options for the profile: aluminum or PVC, black or white, with groove or without groove. You need to screw it inside of the bulkhead box in the required level.

The last step is stretch ceiling installation. For big sizes you have to use a gaz heater to make it warm to stretch it. You can see a detailed video down below.