Lightweight concrete mix design

Technical details for lightweight concrete production machinery

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Light concrete manufacturer in United Arab EmiratesPIONER GROUP is a manufacturer of dry mix for the lightweight concrete. The lightweight concrete dry mix used instead of rock wool and glass wool to achieve solid and monolithic wall structure. 

Non autoclaved lightweight aerated concrete mix design:

  • Portland cement 40 - 60 %
  • Calcium carbonate (limestone) 40 - 60 %
  • Sodium salt of naphthalene sulfonate polymerized 1%
Note: the main components may contain minor traces of various chemical elements.

Non autoclaved lightweight aerated concrete business from scratch. You can do:
- lightweight concrete floor screed
- lightweight concrete roof insulation
- light gauge steel building system walls infill
- blocks and wall panels production

You can order mixer with pump from us and get full support in the products production from raw material in your location. We will also support you with prospective leads generation.

Lightweight concrete production equipment with different capacities and densities from 100 kg/m3 and higher

lightweight concrete screed

Basic recipe for non autoclaved lightweight aerated concrete (aircrete) with 600 kg/m3 density:
- Ordinary Portland Cement

- Limestone powder (particles up to 0.05 mm)

Aluminum powder with water coverage 15 000 cm2/g and more.

Dry mix formula:

50% cement (by weight) + 50% limestone powder (by weight). I mean for 1 kg of dry mix you need 500 g cement and 500 g limestone powder

Mixture formula for 600 kg/m3 density:

1 kg of dry mix 0.65 liters of water 1 g of aluminum powder for 100 kg of dry mix you will need 65 liters of water and 100 g of aluminum powder

How to mix it:

1. Add water in the bucket

2. Add dry mix in the water and mix it for a couple of minutes

3. Add aluminum powder and mix it 1 - 2 minutes.

facing trouble with aluminum powder choosing request for support by 

4. Pour it in the mold

If you need personal assistance with non autoclaved lightweight aerated concrete production send your request for more details via whatsapp +971 56 128 30 50

Watch the video about lightweight concrete production equipment for better understanding

Technical details for non autoclaved lightweight aerated concrete:

Dry mix bulk density is 1270 kg/m3. To produce densities from 500 kg/m3 up to 1200 kg/m3 different quantities of water and additives required.

The most applicable density for the dry wall partition system with lightweight concrete infill is 500 - 600 kg/m3

For such density Pioner lightweight concrete has such main characteristics as:

thermal conductivity 0,1359 W/(m*k)

compressive strength 2,1 - 2,8 MPA or 21 - 28 kg/cm2

fire resistance rating for 100 mm thickness is 4 hours.

acoustic insulation for 100 mm thickness is 45 db.


Lightweight aerated concrete wall cladding panel

Length (mm)                                                     1200

Width (mm)                                            600

Thickness (mm)                                      40

Thermal conductivity U [W/(m*K)]          0.12

Thermal resistance R [m2*K/W]             0.35

Compressive strength KN/m2]                3.04

Fire rating                                          130 minutes