Stretch ceiling PVC membrane supplier in Dubai

20 july
PVC stretch ceiling membrane supplier in UAE
Going to start stretch ceiling business but don't know from what to start so this article was written for you. The easiest way is to find stretch ceiling manufacturer who can supply you with all required materials and assist you with installation. You can chose one or two designs in the beginning and become professional with them. There are two most popular stretch ceiling designs nowadays: star ceiling and illuminated stretch ceiling (translucent stretch ceiling with backlit).

For star ceiling you need stretch ceiling membrane, fiber optics with 0.75 mm diameter, projector and special profile.

For translucent stretch ceiling with backlit you nee stretch ceiling membrane, LED strip light, transformers and special profile.

You can install stretch ceiling membrane from wall to wall or inside of bulkhead shape gypsum ceiling. There are a lot of options but the main point for illuminated stretch ceiling with backlit is that you have to provide 100 mm gap between LED lights and stretch ceiling itself.

Not to lose time contact us for more details and we will guide you from what to start. In case you purchase a stretch ceiling from us we will provide you a tutorial video for stretch ceiling installation