Stretch ceiling supplier in Dubai

24 july
Unique chandelier in 3D shape with stretch ceiling membrane

You wanna make your showroom attractive place for people to make pictures and post it in social media make it with custom made stretch ceiling or custom made chandelier with stretch ceiling membrane.

It is possible to make stretch ceiling in any shape you want. It can be a star ceiling with fiber optic stars, white or black satin with linear light lines, illuminated translucent stretch ceiling with 3D shape and a lot of more different options.

To make your showroom brighter place you can use translucent stretch ceiling with back light. It gives light output 19400 Lumen per one square meter which is good enough. You can make backlit RGBW or tunable white to give better effect.

All stretch ceilings have extended warranty 10 years. It doesn't crack, not bending, not changing color, no dust during installation.

If you want to make your stretch ceiling yourself we can supply you materials and assist with installation.

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