Star ceiling for home cinema

13 july
Make your home cinema better place to spend time with star ceiling
In case you are looking for star sky ceiling solution we suggest you to take a look at stretch ceiling with fiber optic stars.
There are different colors and textures for the stretch ceilings. It can be matt or glossy, black or white or with graphic print.

Stretch ceiling can be seamless for the width up to 5200 mm and length up to 10000 mm. You can easily install spot lights, smoke detectors, chandeliers, ac grills and other things in stretch ceiling area.

One projector can cover up to 20 m2 of ceiling area. If your area is bigger you can use two or more projectors. Fiber optic diameter we use is 0.75 mm. You can make around 50 - 55 stars per 1 square meter.

We provide 10 years warranty for the stretch ceiling materials and 3 years for projector and fiber optics.

For all our client who purchase materials from us we provide installation video.

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