Light gauge steel with lightweight concrete technology

10 july
To raise your floor make non autoclaved lightweight aerated concrete by yourself
We have been looking for the right solution for lightweight concrete, which is suitable for floor screed, roof insulation, block / wall panel production and walls infill for the long time. After the many tests and much effort, we found non autoclaved lightweight aerated concrete with 600 kg/m3 density.

It is not difficult in terms on production process and cost efficient. To produce it you need only ordinary portlant cement, sand, aluminum powder and maybe some minor additives. You just need to mix all components with water and pour in in the required area. Non autoclaved lightweight aerated concrete expands in volume and fills all the gaps. Ater 24 hours you can walk on it.

We taught a lot of different companies to produce this type of lightweight concrete in more than 18 countries. 

The basic formula and mixing process you can find over here.

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