Lightweight aerated concrete insulation for LGS building system

22 may
Make your LGS building more solid and durable with lightweight concrete infill
Non autoclaved lightweight aerated concrete. Suitable for:
- floor screed and roof insulation;
- blacks and wall panels production;
- walls infill.
Can be done in different densities from 600 up to 1200 kg/m3
Can be made in your location using your local raw materials

Non autoclaved lightweight aerated concrete is a type of lightweight concrete which is used to produce blocks and replace bricks. NAAC is lighter then conventional concrete. It is formed by using portland cement, fly ash, limestone, aluminum powder and water. Aerated concrete has a good strength, durability, good thermal and sound insulation. Dry density of this material ranging between 600 kg/m3 to 1200 kg/m3. Non autoclaved lightweight concrete blocks can be used for housing and commercial purposes.

We have developed a unique non autoclave lightweight aerated concrete recipe and can achieve densities from 250 kg/m2 (even less) with perfect compressive strength, thermal and sound insulation.

PIONER GROUP supply lightweight aerated concrete infill for cold formed steel construction technology infill and we can supply dry mortars (plaster, floor screed, self leveling compound, lightweight aerated concrete dry mix etc.) production line with a good price and speed of delivery.

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