Light gauge steel with lightweight concrete technology

9 may
For the fast track construction one of the best solution is light gauge steel framing construction technology. Light gauge steel can be used instead of concrete structure but it is require less time to finish skeleton of any building commercial or residential. For insulation rock wool can be used but to avoid hollowness sound we suggest you to use non autoclaved lightweight aerated concrete infill which can be casted directly in situ. The system is monolithic and durable and in the same time safe for earthquake areas. For non removable cladding we use fiber cement boards or lightweight aerated concrete panels. Both of them have good thermal and sound insulation and not combustable. The system approved by Dubai Municipality and the UAE Civil Defence.
Light gauge steel framing.jpg
Earthquakes are one of the most destructive forces in nature. How to protect the buildings and people in this circumstances?
Pioner Industries Factory FZ LLC can propose new earthquake-resistance frame-monolithic construction technology Pioner, which based on combination of cold formed steel profiles with light weight aerated concrete. Main load bearing structures are the steel frames. Steel absorbs energy and its lighter. Heavier structures have greater inertia: when the ground starts to shake, they want to stand still; thus greater forces are imparted into heavier structures in earthquakes.