Light gauge steel with lightweight concrete technology

1 may

Using our own factory's facilities we have built the sample of boundary wall, which demonstrates all the advantages of Pioner technology and reflects the simplicity of application lightweight concrete with steel frame structures. 

Light gauge steel frame was used for the boundary wall structure. From both sides we have used fiber cement boards 9 mm thickness as a non removable cladding and the space between two fiber cement boards was filled with non autoclaved lightweight aerated concrete with 600 kg/m3 density.

This boundary wall was designed in accordance with Pioner technology and rules of British standards. The wall structure is self-bearing, it allows to avoid the arrangement of additional concrete beam between columns. All the elements can be done directly on construction site without using heavy machines and cranes. This system is the fast construction solution. You save money due to material economy, you need less manpower and machinery. We can offer you a competitive price per running meter of boundary wall. So, welcome to PIONER factory to see the sample by yourself.

boundary wall.JPG