7 dec 2023

Lightweight concrete ECOLIT was represented at THE BIG5 exhibition in Dubai

24 jul 2023
Unique chandelier in 3D shape with stretch ceiling membrane
20 jul 2023
PVC stretch ceiling membrane supplier in UAE
19 jul 2023
Give to your space more light with custom made stretch ceiling chandeliers
17 jul 2023
Stretch ceiling with back light will definitely make your space nicer and brighter 
13 jul 2023
Make your home cinema better place to spend time with star ceiling
12 jul 2023
Mix cement, sand, aluminum powder with water and pour it in the area you want to raise
10 jul 2023
To raise your floor make non autoclaved lightweight aerated concrete by yourself
6 jul 2023
Light gauge steel frame building system
2 jun 2023
Stretch ceiling designs in Dubai
31 may 2023
Stretch ceiling supply with installation in Dubai
30 may 2023
Lightweight concrete floor screed and roof insulation
29 may 2023
Stretch ceiling barrisol with back light
25 may 2023
Stretch ceiling with backlit on / off and dimmable DALI
23 may 2023
Lightweight concrete floor screed to reduce dead load on the building structure