Small lightweight concrete business startup

Lightweight concrete mixer
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Lightweight aerated concrete business from scratch with our support

If you are looking for a good idea to start new small business in construction sphere you have reached the right place. We support our clients from different countries in non-autoclaved lightweight aerated concrete products production.

NAAC is widely used material in the construction field, and it can be applied for different types of projects such as:

- decorative cornices and elements for buildings.

Just purchase one of our mixers and we will support you with your own recipe creation using your local raw material. Also we will provide you all required test reports such as compressive strength, thermal conductivity, fire test and much more useful technical information. We will help you with the perspective leads generation to keep your business running.


We have three mixer options created for different applications:

mixer with pump for 500 kg of dry mix capacity. This is the best option for floor screed, roof insulation, blocks / wall panels production and partition walls infill.

mixer with pump for 200 kg of dry mix capacity. This is the best option for walls infill but it can be used for other applications also.

- mixer without pump with 500 kg of dry mix capacity. This option can be used for lightweight concrete floor screed and roof insulation projects only.

Lightweight concrete production cost depends on your location and raw materials prices. In United Arab Emirates and in India it is around 35 USD / m3 for the density 600 kg / m3. From 1 m3 of lightweight concrete you can produce 27 blocks with dimensions 600 x 300 x 200. The most expensive part of lightweight concrete is OPC (ordinary portland cement).

One of the best advantages of Non autoclaved lightweight aerated concrete blocks in comparison with Foam concrete blocks is that NAAC has opened porous surface (rough) and you can put plaster without any problem. Foam concrete block surface is plain so you will face some difficulties with the wall finishing. 


Cellular lightweight concrete production machinery from small to big capacity