Lightweight concrete dry mix manufacturer

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"PIONER GROUP" is NON AUTOCLAVED LIGHTWEIGHT AERATED CONCRETE technology, equipment and products provider.


Our construction company ECOLIT LLC can build residential, commercial and industrial projects from scratch using Light Gauge Steel framing system with lightweight concrete insulation. You will enjoy a speed of construction and the final quality of your building.

We are manufacturer of  dry mix (dry powder) for the cellular lightweight concrete (cellular concrete, lightweight aerated concrete, gasbeton). Our production capacity is 2 500 tons of dry mix per month.

Non-autoclaved lightweight aerated concrete is an insulating material which widely used for drywall infill and lightweight floor screed and roof insulation to increase heating resistance and to reduce electricity bills. CLC (cellular lightweight concrete) is a perfect material for decorative cornices and blocks. 

Non autoclaved lightweight aerated concrete recipe you can find here
lightweight concrete insulation blocks floor screed

It casted directly in situ using portable mixer with a pump unit. One team 3-4 people can cast 9 m3 of light concrete per one shift. It is roughly 100 m2 of ready partition walls with thickness 107 mm (89 mm light gauge steel profile and 9mm thickness fiber cement board on both sides).

The range of densities which you can produce using our dry mix can vary and depends on purposes. It can be from 450 kg/cub.m. up to 1100 kg/cub.m.

The best density for drywall partitions is 500 - 600 kg/cub.m. Fire resistance for wall with thickness 107 mm is 4 hours. Drywall partition system with lightweight concrete infill Pioner approved by Dubai Municipality and the UAE Civil Defence. 

A lot of people asking us what is a difference between foam concrete and lightweight aerated concrete Pioner. To produce foam concrete you have to use cement, sand, foam agent, water, foam generator and some additives. Operator mix all components at the construction site and final quality depends on operators experience. Lightweight aerated concrete Pioner coming to the construction site in 50 kg paper bags. To produce lightweight concrete Pioner you have to use ready dry mix, water, one type of additive packed in paper bag for 200 kg of dry mix and special mixer. In this case no need to use expensive labors with good experience. We can achieve required density and thermal conductivity with our product without any problem.

Lightweight aerated concrete "PIONER" has good adhesion with calcium silicate or fiber cement boards, good thermal and acoustic insulation.

With a combination of light gauge steel frame, fiber cement boards cladding and non-autoclaved lightweight aerated concrete infill we can build 500 m2 villa in 6 month (including foundation and finishing). This technology is faster and cheaper than conventional technology (concrete structure and block walls). To understand our technology better please watch the video in below.