Elevate your interiors with our innovative Light Box with Stretch Ceiling Membrane. Perfect for both residential and commercial settings, this cutting-edge solution combines stunning visual appeal with functional lighting, creating an atmosphere that is both modern and inviting.   

Transform Your Car Showroom with Innovative Backlit Stretch Ceilings

Premium Translucent Stretch Ceilings with Backlighting
Welcome to Pioner Group, your ultimate source for premium translucent stretch ceilings with backlighting, designed specifically for car showrooms. Our state-of-the-art ceiling solutions not only enhance the visual appeal of your showroom but also highlight the elegance and features of your vehicles. Our translucent stretch ceilings are made from high-quality, lightweight materials that allow light to diffuse evenly, creating a bright, welcoming ambiance.
The integrated backlighting can be customized to create dynamic lighting effects, ensuring that every car on display is presented in its best light. This sophisticated illumination enhances the overall aesthetic, drawing attention to the sleek lines and intricate details of your vehicles. Perfect for showcasing luxury and performance cars, our stretch ceilings offer a modern, clean look that complements any showroom design.
7 december 2023

Lightweight concrete ECOLIT was represented at THE BIG5 exhibition in Dubai

24 july 2023
Unique chandelier in 3D shape with stretch ceiling membrane
20 july 2023
PVC stretch ceiling membrane supplier in UAE
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