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Non-autoclaved lightweight aerated concrete infill "Pioner". UAE based dry mix factory
Non autoclaved lightweight aerated concrete the best material to replace rock wool in dry wall partitions system. No need to use plaster for finishing, no need to cut blocks to hide wires and pipes. The process is very simple. Install studs and trucks, screw fiber cement boards on both sides, finish your electrical works, mix Pioner lightweight concrete dry mix with water and pour it inside of wall, level your wall with putty and paint it. Approved by Dubai Municipality.
To build house fast and for ages use the light gauge steel construction technology. This technology is in three times faster than conventional. No need to wait for half a year anymore and you can reduce your electricity bills for cooling your house. We suggest you to use lightweight aerated concrete infill for walls (instead of rock wool). The best density for walls is 600 kg/cub.m. It is strong enough to screw it and has good thermal and acoustic insulation.
7 december 2023

Lightweight concrete ECOLIT was represented at THE BIG5 exhibition in Dubai

24 july 2023
Unique chandelier in 3D shape with stretch ceiling membrane
20 july 2023
PVC stretch ceiling membrane supplier in UAE
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